The Story

It was a man’s world, they said. Running the landscaping company while raising a family was too much, they said.

But Diana was determined. She was determined to have both. 

She opened her little office area at the foot of the hill going up to her home so she could keep an eye on her kids. It wasn’t much. The hill provided a great foundation for a couple of separate rooms, one for her and one for the foreman. They took some old lumber and aluminum siding to build out a little reception area in the front. The utility trucks were parked around back. 

Through the years, Diana faced many challenges. And, while many of them were specific to her being a female, she chose to look at them as obstacles to overcome rather than play the victim. Everyone had some kind of obstacle to overcome. For some, it might be race or religion. For others, it could be sex or sexual orientation. It may even be financial. 

Diana didn’t look at her sex as an obstacle and every time someone chose not to do business with a “female”, she knew she was the one fortunate enough not to have that in her life.

The History

I have been unable to discover the purpose of the 3 structures on this small property. One clearly looks like it was a home and the inside of this one sort of looks like it may have been some kind of store or shop with a counter but it’s unclear.⠀To see some of the other photos of this property, check out Zabel Mine Series.

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