The Story

Dr. Kent pulled the buggy up to the bridge. The horses never seemed to behave when crossing it. Some of the townsfolk said it was haunted. He didn’t buy into that mumbo jumbo though. He was a man of science.

He eased the team onto the first planks, holding the reins carefully. Blackie fidgeted and Rascal let out a deep puff.

It was late in the evening and the moon was but a tiny sliver in the sky. 

He didn’t have time to mess around with the team, though. Martha was in difficult labor and he was needed at the Bringhams’ farm right away.

He urged the team on, pressing them into action, the sense of dread creeping into his bones with every step. 

The History

The Cataract Falls Covered Bridge is located in Owen County, IN. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge was built in 1876 by the Smith Bridge Co of Toledo, OH. It was bypassed by a new and larger bridge in 1988 and is now only open to pedestrian traffic.

At one time, it was one of the most famous and photographed covered bridges in the United States.

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