“You want to do WHAT?”

It was a crazy notion but he had gotten taken up by the idea of art, but not just any bourgeoisie art that only the elite had access to, Stanley wanted to create LIVING art, art that EVERYONE could enjoy. 

And Stanley had the money to do just that. After all, he was a millionaire. 

Despite the attempts by his friends and family to stop his efforts, Stanley put out a call to artists to submit some wild and crazy ideas.

“What if we plant some old Cadillacs in the ground pointing their tail ends up to the sky?” 

Well, Stanley decided the crazier the better.

What Stanley and his hired artists did not anticipate was the life the project would take on once they were done!

Since Stanley wanted to share the art with everyone, the cars were planted close to the main highway through town. He wanted people to stop and view the art. Having them contribute in their own artistic way was just a bonus. 

The History

This story isn’t too far from the truth. In actuality, the artist group named Ant Farm sought out Stanley Marsh 3 to fund this project. Once it was built on his farmland, passersby began stopping to take pieces of the Cadillacs and paint it with graffiti. Rather than fighting it, Stanley and the artists tolerated and eventually even encouraged the art to live on.

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