This is home. They knew it the moment they crested the ridge. Jack and Cindy had been searching for a place to call their own. Their families were from the big city but Jack and Cindy had a longing to live in nature, far from the nearest civilization. 

This hill was the perfect place. They had a beautiful view of the valley below and plenty of water in the nearby stream created by the mountain runoff. 

As soon as they returned to the hotel, they made the first phone call. The one to the real estate agent asking her to put in an offer. 

The land, it turned out, had been a privately owned spot in the middle of national forest. No one would be able to build around them. 
The next call was to the landlord of the building they wanted to rent in town. Jack and Cindy would make their living selling their art but they needed a place to set up shop. The area Manzanita trees would be their primary medium.

There was much work to be done and the journey wasn’t going to be easy but Jack and Cindy decided that only they could make their dreams come true.

Where Am I?

These photos are from the Barefoot Trail near Pine, AZ

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