The Story

There was excitement in the air, Mary was to be presented this evening for her Debutante Ball. Her mother spared no expense for her dress and father gifted her the most beautiful necklace she could imagine. But there was something else in the air too.

Julia, Mary’s dearest friend in the world, showed up early to help her get ready. But Julia’s family couldn’t afford the luxuries that Mary’s family could. And Julia always felt a twinge of jealousy for her friend, no matter how much she tried to control it. In Mary’s excitement, she didn’t notice that Julia was not her usual self.

It was an oversight she’d look back on with regret for years to come.

The History

Tovrea Castle is an icon in Phoenix. Alessio Carraro, an Italian immigrant, built Tovrea Castle as a hotel in the desert. His dream was to build an entire resort. The hotel was completed in 1930 and sold off soon after. It is believed that the nearby stockyards hindered the success of the resort and it was sold off to the stockyards owner, E. A Tovrea.

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