The Story

The telephone rang at the station. Another car had gone over the side of a road. This one was at the Douglas Rd curve heading down to the main house. Charles phoned Fred over at the gas station to bring his tow truck out. They’d see if they could extract it before the rain hit later this evening. 

When he rounded the corner, he saw a few cars parked along the road already. Linda was the one who first spotted the car and William was already on scene from the Fire Department. He’d have to park in the middle of the road, there was no shoulder on this stretch. But no one would be passing until they got the car up anyway.

He walked up to where everyone was standing, taking in the conversation as he approached. There seemed to be some confusion. 

Where on earth had this rusty old car come from? It looked like it had been down there for YEARS.

Charles had to rub his eyes, twice. Sure enough, the side of the cliff was now home to a 1937 Plymouth Coupe.

Just two weeks ago, they pulled out that lady’s Studebaker. How did this old relic end up there now?

The History

This is part 4 of my 5 part Historic Jerome series. While all of the stories are made up, I pulled some historical facts into some of them as well.

This appears to be a 1937 Plymouth Coupe with Rumble Seat. I’m not entirely sure if it was deliberately staged in the basin below this hairpin turn on Douglas Rd in Jerome, or if it was left to the elements for another reason. If you have any knowledge beyond that, please let me know.

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