There was only one thing the little boy loved more than fishing with his father. And that was his old and worn stuffed bear, the one his father had given him the day he was born. He took the bear everywhere. It was so special that his father gave the bear his own fishing pole for their trips together.⠀

The boy started to grow older and the bear made it on fewer and fewer trips with the boy and his father. The bear was left home many times.⠀

But the bear made it on this trip. The boy and his father set the bear up with his pole in their typical spot. They were enjoying a wonderful afternoon until the boy heard the shouts from his friends at the top of the bank.⠀

“Can I go with them?” he asked his father.⠀

“Sure”. ⠀

In the rush to join his friends, the boy forgot the bear one last time.⠀

The History

This bear is one of many cute little things to look at around the Adobe Western Railroad Park, a park designed for model, ride-on trains.

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