The Story

Becca was enjoying their day trip to the bridge. She and William were so happy together but he was working a lot. This trip was giving them some much needed time together.⠀

As Becca hiked down the rocky trail under the bridge, her foot slipped on a wet rock, sending her to her hands and knees in a pool of cool water. Tucked under one of the overhanging rocks, Becca saw a glint. Something you’d only see from this low angle. ⠀

She picked up the object to find a small locket and chain. The photos had long ago faded but the engraving remained.⠀

“To the love that I can never be mine. – George”⠀

The History

Goldfield Ghost Town is located at the base of the Superstition Mountains near Mesa, AZ. It was once a booming mining town until it dried up in the late 1890’s. ⠀

The Supterstitions are the home of the fabled and famous Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Many went in search of the mine and a few lost their lives in the process.⠀⠀

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