The Story

She lost count on how many bridges she’d crossed to get here. It had been a long walk. Her car broke down several cities ago and the bike she found just wouldn’t make it through the snow.

The last person she had seen was just outside of town. He (or maybe it was a she, it was getting harder to tell these days) was pushing an old grocery cart through the tangle of cars left on the roads.

Her destination was warmer weather but she wasn’t sure she’d make it before the next major storm. And she knew the farther south she went, the more people she’d have to deal with. It was hard to know who to trust any more.

The History

One year, my husband and his friends decided to take a ski trip to Telluride, CO. I don’t ski, not really my thing. But I won’t turn down an opportunity to take photos of a place I’ve never been to before. And snow is an extra bonus for this desert living girl!

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