Some people find themselves at a place by chance, others by choice. Sometimes the luck that lands them there is good and sometimes not.

Cuervo, NM is one of those places where most people don’t find themselves by choice, or at least not when the town was populated.

The family piled in the back of the car. With Ma and Pa, the two older boys and the three girls, it was a tight fit. This family road trip to see the Grand Canyon was a big deal. Pa would be heading off to the Korean War soon and he wanted to make sure the family had some memories that would last a while.

Pa had filled up at the last gas station but the car wasn’t getting far between fill-ups. He knew he’d need to stop again in some town the signs called, Cuervo.

As they pulled up to the station, everyone piled out. Even the short, 2-hour drive from the last gas station left them all stiff and ready for a good stretch.

Maddy, the youngest at only 4 years old, caught sight of something nearby. As everyone else leaned and stretched working out their kinks, she wandered off unnoticed.

The family searched the small town for hours as the daylight hours slipped away. There were very few residents and even fewer that were willing to help. They simply closed their windows and bolted their doors.

Pa finally went on ahead to bring the Sheriff from Santa Rosa back.

“Sir, if your daughter up and went missing in Cuervo, there’s no help to be had…”

The History

#CuervoNM. Cuervo is one of the last great ghost towns in the country. It was never large, topping out at just over 3 digits population, and it could not survive the new bustle that the I-40 freeway brought right through the middle of town. Because this place is so accessible, there are many stories and images online. I encourage you to check out some of the history for yourself.

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