The Story

The water wasn’t hot but at least it was something to scrub the dishes with. She had just picked up a plate to wash when she thought she heard something. She cocked her ear to one side. It didn’t work so good after all those years of quarry blasting. It must have been her imagination. But then the knocking was louder. Someone was at the door. As she opened it, her eyes began to fill with tears.⠀

“Momma, I’m home!” Her son dropped his military issue green duffle and rushed to her arms for the first time in two years.⠀

The History

Unfortunately, far too many never got to come home. This post is in honor of the men and women who lost their lives in service to our country.

I have been unable to discover the purpose of the 3 structures on this small property. One clearly looks like it was a home and the inside of this one sort of looks like it may have been some kind of store or shop with a counter but it’s unclear.⠀To see some of the other photos of this property, check out Zabel Mine Series.

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