The fence once separated the two neighbors. Now it sat as damaged as the families it was meant to divide.⠀

The Wright family moved onto the farm next to the Grovers several years ago. Things went well at first but cracks started showing. Sometimes it was a late-night party that was too loud for anyone’s taste. Other times it was a bit too much tailgating.⠀

Then Libby Grover showed up pregnant and claiming it was Chad Wright’s. Chad said he had no interest in Libby and didn’t want to be tied down with a kid. That’s when things hit a boiling point. ⠀

No one is really sure who first suggested the “meeting” at the fence to discuss the situation but the families both came prepared for something more than talking. ⠀

They say good fences make good neighbors but sometimes no fence can stand between the pure evil and hatred that festers in some people.

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