Marybeth couldn’t afford the magazines with the beautiful color images of famous movie stars. She just looked at them while she was paying for the few essential groceries she had money for. But she dreamed of being one of them. She dreamed of the big lights and the lavish parties. She dreamed of the places she could go and the people she might meet. 

What Marybeth didn’t dream of was how the parties came with drugs and “favors” to move up. She didn’t dream of living out of travel case because the tours and appearances never ended. She didn’t dream of having all the money she could imagine and still not having her every desire.

Sometimes our dreams aren’t reality.

The History

This is an old luggage case found in #CuervoNM. Cuervo is one of the last great ghost towns in the country. It was never large, topping out at just over 3 digits population, and it could not survive the new bustle that the I-40 freeway brought right through the middle of town. Because this place is so accessible, there are many stories and images online. I encourage you to check out some of the history for yourself.

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