Manny was only 15 when he went to work on the railroad helping to repair the lines. Just a few months ago, his brother had left for the war. Since Pa had passed away from the flu epidemic, that left Manny to provide for his ma and little sisters. ⠀

He moved into the housing for Maintenance of Way crew shortly after going to work since the walk from his home in Jerome was just a little too far.⠀

The crew was a rowdy bunch, and Manny was forced to grow up fast. Manny found it hard to resist the tempations of gambling and drinking but his family came first.⠀

When word of his brother being killed in action reached him, Manny doubled down. He was no longer a boy and knew that he had responsibilities far beyond his years.⠀⠀

The History

This building was originally part of the housing for Maintenance of Way (or track maintenance crew) for the Verde Canyon Railroad in Clarkdale, AZ. Thank you to the Verde Canyon Railroad for that bit of trivia. The railroad was originally built in 1912 and is still in use as a heritage railroad.⠀

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