The Story

The arms were worn and faded. The seat sagged under the weight of the decades. But the memories spilled forth. The memories of Grandpa calling us up onto his lap as he sat in the red chair by the fireplace. The plate of hard candies was always within reach.

Grandpa would share stories of days long gone. How he met Grandma. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Or how they built the place with their bare hands and a hammer, no need for fancy tools that made all that racket. He told us of the long drive from Ohio and how his truck broke down full of goats in the back.

So many wonderful memories. So many life lessons shared.

Until one day, Grandpa didn’t come home to sit in the red chair anymore.

The red chair sat alone, holding on to all the memories, the joys, and the sorrows. 

The History

This is one of my favorite abandoned finds so far. I did a little research and was unable to discover the purpose of the 3 structures on this small property. One clearly looks like it was a home and one sort of looks like it may have been some kind of store or shop with a counter but it’s unclear.

For this image, I had my fans on Instagram and Facebook vote for their favorite. It was a tough decision and opinions were strong on both sides! In the end, I chose this one because of the warm feeling it gives over the alternative one below.

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Runner up
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