The Story

Ted had worked so hard to make this yard just perfect for Dorthy. They bought this home way out of town and Dorthy didn’t have a car to visit her family often. The back yard was his incentive to get her family to come out here.

Dorthy was smiling from ear to ear as she brought the lemonade and sandwiches out to the picnic table. After living in a small apartment in the not-so-nice part of town, she was thrilled to have some space. Of course, she wasn’t going to let Ted in on that little secret. 

She looked around to take in the view and had to love Ted even more for putting in the little goldfish pond. It was her own little paradise in the desert.

The History

This is an average back yard in an average abandoned house. And yet, I can hear all the whispers of the family gatherings and children playing while mom watches out the kitchen window.

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