The Story

The old man kept tinkering. The truck seemed like a lost cause to the city gal. She asked him if it would be OK to take a few photos. ⠀

“What for?”⠀
“Because I love rusty old stuff.”⠀

She began taking pictures, being sure to avoid invading his space or privacy.⠀

“You from around here?” he asked.⠀
“Not too far, just the other side of the hill.”⠀

She continued taking pictures.⠀

“What did you say you wanted to use these pictures for?” he asked.⠀
“Oh, I just like to tell the stories of old forgotten things.”⠀
“Oh, she ain’t forgotten, Ima fix her up again.”⠀

She smiled at the thought of seeing this old truck back on the road. She didn’t have a lot of hope, but even a little bit now and then is all you need.⠀

The History

I found this truck wandering around looking for old things to take pictures of. Honestly, this story is more factual than fiction. This is pretty much the conversation I had with the old man fixing it up.

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