The Story

They pulled up in their beat-up old Volkswagon Beattle. It had been a long drive from Flagstaff without any air conditioning. Phoenix was only another hour away but they couldn’t wait any longer. They needed gas and a bathroom, neither any less than the other. This was the last stop before saying a final goodbye to their grandfather. A fitting place to stop, since he really was, in many ways, a real Jack Ass.⠀⠀

The History

Jack Ass Acres was a gas station from the 1930s. It was located along I-17 near New River, AZ, north of Phoenix.⠀

This area of I-17 (Black Canyon Highway) was once where the pavement ended and a dirt road was the only way to get to Prescott and Flagstaff.⠀

The old, abandoned convenience store was recently demolished when a new, modern gas station was put in. Now all that remains are the sign and a single light post.⠀

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