The Story

Lunch was, of course, the best part of the school day. Timothy loved to see what kind of goodies his mother had packed for him. Would it be a special piece of peppermint candy from the mercantile or a leftover sweet biscuit from supper last night? ⠀

Timmy, as his friends called him, dashed from his seat as soon as the teacher dismissed them and ran for his lunch pail. He was first to the log where his friends met to eat before tossing the ball around until the teacher called them back in. ⠀

Once he opened the pail, he was a bit disappointed to find no treat. Instead, there was only a note asking him to go by the old Granger place after school, instead of coming right home to do his chores. ⠀

Timmy was confused. His family didn’t like to hang out with the Grangers. They were always unwashed and coming into town begging for food. Why would ma want him to go there?⠀
He couldn’t sit still the rest of the day wondering what the mystery was.⠀

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