Mama was a strong woman. She may not have gone to work every day with fancy dress and a briefcase in hand but there was a lot more to being successful than just bringing home a paycheck.

Every day, Mama served many roles. She was our doctor, therapist, teacher, event planner, conflict resolution specialist, and manager – to name just a few.

And almost all of these things took place in the kitchen. That was Mama’s office. It was in the kitchen that Mama was always tending to things. 

There was usually something cookin’ in the oven and Mama would frequently stop in the middle of one of her discourses to stir the pot on the stove or test the cake for its doneness. She would remove the toothpick from the cake and put it between her lips before continuing on with her arguments.

There was never much doubt about who was in charge around the house and I know that Mama taught me more things by that old stove than I would ever learn in school, including how to make the best Snickerdoodles anyone has ever tasted!

The History

An abandoned home in Jerome, AZ.

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