Uncle Louie had passed over 20 years ago now. There were still lots of tales of Louie that made their rounds during all the family reunions. There were the usual stories of a very eligible bachelor and the ladies who flocked to them. And other stories were about his adventures in the mines and the mysterious things he had heard and seen. 

He had worked in the mines up in Jerome before they were shut down for safety reasons. Something about a total cave in and people hearing and seeing things that weren’t really there. The family just assumed they were all folk stories with little truth.

Louie never had a family of his own but he had a house where he could hang his hard hat at the end of each long workday. 

The house had fallen into disrepair and most of the family disagreed on what to do with it. 

And then Jake stepped up. He’d heard the stories for years and decided he wanted to make something of Uncle Louie’s old place.

He loaded up his truck with supplies and drove the 2 hours from Phoenix to Jerome to get to work. 

Maybe he should have scouted things out before agreeing to the lofty task.

The History

An abandoned home in Jerome, AZ. This tale touches on a previous series I wrote. Search #historicjerome for those stories.

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